Muvo Bio Laundry Liquid

Muvo beats brand leaders in independent tests

January 15, 2016

SNG’s products are officially better than the brand leaders, according to new independent tests by Satra Technology.

In independent liquid product testing, SNG’s Muvo Bio laundry liquid beat Ariel Actilift Clean and Compact and came a close second to Persil Pro Super Concentrate in a test on stain removal performance and whiteness over one wash.

The Muvo Capsules came in just behind Ariel Bio when tested on stain removal, with the Muvo Bio washing powder also outperforming Morrisons’ Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid in the same category.

Managing Director of SNG, Simon Gunter, said: “It’s brilliant to see some of our Muvo products performing better than the leading brands on the market, which reaffirms our ethos of developing high-performing, quality products at a leading value proposition.

“Our independent testing proves that alternative, value brands are just as effective at stain removal and retaining whiteness as the industry leaders. The Muvo range offers quality products that rival the brand leaders and, as our tests have proven, consumers will experience the same quality and performance from a more affordable laundry product than a brand leader.”

All SNG’s products are in line with the company’s Planet Wise Promise, ‘to deliver big results without big consequences’. Products aim to have a low carbon footprint from recyclable packaging that maximises its space to high-performing products that allow consumers to achieve great results even on economy programmes and short cycles.

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Press coverage on the independent testing has already appeared on Retail Times online, Wholesale Manager online, Cleaning Matters online and in The Grocery Trader.