Planet Wise

We are committed to making sure our products deliver big results without big consequences. We provide concentrated liquids to deliver twice the cleaning output from a single bottle. These greatly reduce the cost of packaging, transport and waste.

Planet Wise

Please help by following these simple tips

Use concentrated products:
Muvo’s 2 x concentrated Liquid has 40% less impact to the environment.



Always follow the packaging instructions for our products and help to recycle and keep this planet special for generations to come.


Fill your washer

Always try to fill your machine, this will help you save on water and reduce the number of washes you do.


Dose correctly

Follow the instructions on your bottle and only use the described amount for your load. This helps to give the best value for your pennies and protect our beautiful planet.


Wash on low temperatures

Muvo can deliver clean clothes at cooler temperatures. When washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees you could save enough energy to power the lights to a small home.

*Please always follow garment and clothing care labels to ensure your clothes are properly cared for in the wash.